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Turn based multiplayer

Smithers1968Smithers1968 Member New Car Smell
30 years ago all games had this. I know it's out of fashion but would fit well with a rally game where you don't interact with the other player(s).
Presently player 1 has to close the game, logout, player 2 has to login, wait for game to load, wait for stage to load, play then repeat back to player 1.
I would be great to have 2 players logged in and both run each stage in turn without having to reload. Ideally this should work with PSN so it would work with online career and league events.

Turn based multiplayer 9 votes

Yes please, this would make it a fun sociable game.
DidzisFleskebaconzissakos1Smithers1968JLUOWhiskeyBadgerSimbatsharez66paug200 9 votes
No, buy a second console, wheel and TV you skinflint.


  • SimbatSimbat Member New Car Smell
    Yes please, this would make it a fun sociable game.
    oui , 4 joueur en local !!!!!!! please!!!!!
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