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Please make a new MotorStorm like Game!

Hi Codemasters Team,

I was very sad to hear that Sony closed down evolution but than I heard that they joined Codemasters, which was the best case scenario possible! I won't bore anyone with why that is the case but I'm sure anyone can figure that out.

I've grown up playing Codemasters games. First game being Micro Machienes on my Mega Drive (fun silly game) then experiencing an absolute perfection which was the Colin McRae series. It made me buy the original PlayStation. The game was, well, just perfect and it got better with each incarnation. DiRT has followed that amazing linage and proved to be an amazing series on it's own.

There was also another studio that created amazing rally games and that was evolution. Being such a big rally fan I had to own both codemasters and evolution games, they were very similar but different and it was impossible to make up my mind so naturally I bought both!

Then there was MotorStorm. This is my all time favorite game and series. Insanity on wheels, rally on steroids, the most action packed race car game ever made. Sadly, evolution is no longer there and Sony owns the IP.

So on to my question, can you please make a new series such as MotorStorm?! No one can pull this off better than Codemaster and Evoltuion!

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