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F1 2016

Hi, I have a problem:
I recently bought F1 2016 through "Steam" when I load career mode and are in boxes the game returns to desktop ...
What can I do? Help


  • KopparaKoppara Member, Drivers Unleaded
    What are your system specifications? Are you sure it meets the min. requirements?
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  • maxsavinmaxsavin Member New Car Smell
    ...my laptop has the following features:
    Intel Core I7 7500 - 2,70ghz - 64 BIT
    RAM 12 GB
    Nvidia GeForce 930 mx

  • KopparaKoppara Member, Drivers Unleaded
    Mmh, laptop. I can't really help you then tbh. All I can say is that have you enabled your external graphics card for the games? 
    F1 2016 Beta Tester
    F1 2017 Beta Tester
  • maxsavinmaxsavin Member New Car Smell
    In F1 2016 I can play without problems in "fast race" mode. If you go to other modes, the game crashes and goes to the desktop. I bought F1 2013 and played with my laptop without any problems, in all the ways. Will you explain how to enable the external graphics card for games? Thank you
  • maxsavinmaxsavin Member New Car Smell
    Hello Koppara, thank you for the interest you showed. I
    understand that I will not be able to play with F1 2016. For the moment
    I'm playing with the F1 2013 version (which seems to have no problems)
    and I think I'll be happy about that. I tried to get the refund for the F1 2016 game but I was denied. I
    thought the features of my portable PC, which I bought a month ago,
    were sufficient and I also increased the RAM, but obviously I was wrong. Thank you. Hello
  • MohammadabusalMohammadabusal Member New Car Smell
    I have a connection problem with joining session in F1 game 2016 , i did everything I can with same problem. Even i deleted the game and downloaded it again with same problem. Any help please
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