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Grid Autosport, how to access the DLC?

1mmy1ne1mmy1ne Member New Car Smell
I bought Grid Autosport, with the DLC's for Drag Pack, Road & Track, Sprint Pack, and High Res Texture Pack, from the Steam Store.
I have searched through every single screen in the game, in every single mode, in every single option, and I can not see any evidence of my DLC's.
Did they not get installed? If so, how to install? If they ARE in the game, where are they? How do you access any of it?


  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion
    edited April 2017

    It's been a while, but if I recall correctly...

    GRID AutoSport DLC cars, in single-player, are only accessible through custom events that you setup (where you pick the car, the track, the number of laps, the number of AI drivers, etc.). The DLC cars cannot be played in any of the single-player career championships that originally shipped with the game at launch. The "Touring Legends Pack" added a few new single-player championships just for the cars & tracks in that DLC pack, as did the "Sprint Pack" and "Drag Pack" (but I don't know if there are any prerequisite events you must first complete before those new DLC championships to become available).

    In multiplayer, the DLC cars should be available to rent or purchase (with in-game credits) & add to your garage.

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