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DIRT Rally - Spectators in all the wrong places.

JohnnyPastosJohnnyPastos Member New Car Smell
Hi Codemasters team,

Now that you are working on the new Dirt 4, please would you be more aware on where you place the spectators in stage?

With Dirt Rally being such a realistic game, mistakes happen easily and even if you make a really small one, you find yourself barely 1-2 meters on the side of the road on the outside of the corner and before you know it, you are reset back on stage with 15 seconds penalty because a spectator was standing there.

In real life situations, stages get cancelled when spectators are in unsafe areas. I'm not expecting you to make it real life like (although it's pretty close) but basically, give us a bit more space to correct our own mistakes or find our way back on the road instead of instantly being reset with 15 secs penalty. (i.e. Mr. Meeke in Rally Mexico 2017 final stage)

Thanks xx

DIRT Rally - Spectators in all the wrong places. 5 votes

Find our own way back on stage
jamieengtólindoJulo264WhiskeyBadgerRiznick 5 votes
Get instantly reset with 15' penalty
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