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Can't get Ford Focus 2007 to accelerate fast enough or reach high speed.

Despite trying so many different settings on differentials and gear box, I can't seem to get my Focus 2007 to accelerate properly or reach high top speed. Especially on uphills. I can barely reach 150-160 km/h and when uphill, I can't accelarate more than 110 KM/h.

No problems with any other cars. It seems very weird though as I haven't seen anyone else having a similar issue. In fact, I purchased the Focus 2007 because of the good reviews that it has from players.

Any ideas / suggestions?

Thanks a lot


  • DidzisDidzis Member Race Engineer
    If it's in career and you just recently bought the car, it will first need to be upgraded to reach it's full potential, freshly bought cars come underpowered. That applies to all cars, but on some cars the difference is more noticeable than on others. you can upgrade the car by doing career championships, custom championships or dailies/weeklies/monthlies with it, it won't work in custom stages
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