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We need new drivers for a our new league, Downforce Racing League

Hello, we are a brand new league on Xbox One called Downforce Racing League. We will race on Wednesday night at 7PM UK time. The official first season will not start until the 2017 game comes out but we will do social races while we wait. We want some new inexperienced league racers as well as experienced ones too. We will allow all assists for season 1 as it will be a new game so it will take time to get used to but we could change after. Here is our signup form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QoT9zFlbVjbb2Cx39-VHEqF2B_e3OAXy4D8J8g-X4gA/edit

We have a twitter @DownforceRL and an instagram account called downforceracingleague.

Have a good day! 


  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 New Car Smell
    so, to clarify - your league won't start until f1 2017 is out? The last 2 games came out in July (disaster) and August (suspect), and the previous versions were October. That's a minimum of 2-3 month, a maximum of 5 months away!

    also 7pm on a wednesday? the majority of the working world won't walk in until this time. you've instantly limited yourself to the talent available to you.

    I am interested in competing in a midweek league on xbox, gt stephenjhayes83 - but the time needs to be later, and there would need to be a league.

  • RobinHDRobinHD New Car Smell
    I'm intereseted and able to wait until F1 2017, but I'd recommend weekends or Friday races.
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