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Massive performance issue in Autosport when Wheel and Pedals are plugged in....

I used to play Autosport with my Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite pedals now and then without any issue... Last time is a couple month ago. So now i noticed some massive lags and low fps after a while the game is running. Got a new gpu and did some benchmarks after i noticed that the game has set itself to max and 4k ^^ First run was fine but in every other one after that only got half the fps and big lags. Was fine again after i restarted the game but only for the first couple minutes... After checking windows power profile and other stuff that came in my mind to find the issue i ended up and disconnected my Wheel and Pedals. The issue was gone and was reproduceble when i plugged it back in again. The fps fall instant from 120 to around 15-20 in menu and even the menu itself stutters like crazy.

Never had this issue ever before or in other games. Windows, Fanatec Driver ect are up to date. :) 
i7 4770k | EVGA GTX 1080 FTW | Gigabyte Z87X-OC | 16 GB G.Skill Ares 2400 | Fanatec CSR + CSR Elite Pedals
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