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Looking for a Team Mate in a League championship at Force India

TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
Hi Guys,

Hello all,

We are looking for a driver playing on medium to hard difficulty for a seat at Force India in our league.

The championship has started but late entrants are welcome, The next race is China in a week and a half.

This is a league for players who play on medium - hard so anybody setting lap times inside the top 100 in the world wouldn't be beneficial for this league.

The teams occupied so far are Manor (Both seats), Sauber (Both seats), HAAS (Both seats), Renault (Both Seats) Toro Rosso (Both Seats) & Force India (one seat available)

The league is promoting fair play between pad and wheel users whilst encouraging beginner players to join.

For anyone wanting this vacancy, just set a lap with the Mercedes on Monza using preset 5 then send a screengrab/shot to Taylz-- via ps4 of your time

Wheel users are restricted to TC off, ABS off and Manual Gears only.
Pad users can use all of the above.


  • Maxer2003Maxer2003 Member New Car Smell
    Not totally fair about the wheel users. I'm using no assist but I'm still quiker with TC on medium so it's not totally fair. But on which day and how late?
  • luukgdiluukgdi Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2017
    Hello mate,

    I would like to join a Manor seat, I play a diffculty higher so than its fair i think.
    I can't sent a time now, but my time on monza is an 1:22,5.
    And i am an pad user.
    I hope i can join the racing league!
    PSN: luukgdi
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    sorry guys, all teams full now, thanks for the interest :)
  • Reub09Reub09 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    I would consider joining, but I use medium TC :/ I could live without ABS but I NEED TC
     #15 | PS4 | Irish | Red Bull | #blessed

  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell
    wow - total hate on wheel users here then
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2017
    Racing tonight and looking for a beginner driver who would like to join the league message Taylz-- via ps4 if interested :)
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