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F1 2016 - can't join online session - PS4

really i don't know why codemaster didn't answer or help us to find solution , even i sent them an email and no body response , really shame .

i need to find a solution in order to play this game F1 2016 , I CANNOT join any session on PS4 , I did everything possible but nothing happened , i deleted the game two times and i initialized my console two times also , even i created a new user and still nothing happened  , when i'm trying , the always answer that received is '' faild to join '' or '' the session is not exist '' , this problem started one month before and really i'm so so frustrated because i was participating into many many leagues ,now unfortunately i'm out !! 

i think this problem started when i update my console to 4.55 version , maybe this is the reason ..

i received two times error code CE-34878-0 , and i did exactly what PS support asked me to do , even no solution .

any advice please .  
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