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Dirt 4 Wishes interactive crowd's

WhiskeyBadgerWhiskeyBadger Member New Car Smell
Being a sim, instead of having a spectator holding its ground thinking it can win vs 1300kg of steel sliding towards him (which it does). Can you make them run away from your car so they miss you always and you don't get a penalty. 
Plus fans are a big thing in rally they should be running out on to the side of track waving there flag, sparking flares and moving around. there should be big crowds near massive jumps taking pictures making plenty of noise dressed in outfits. If you get stuck they should crowed around you and push your car out of trouble or flip it over.
Wild life is another aspect you should include, make them run across the road way ahead of you so you can't hit them just to give u that feeling that your in the wild. There better be some dam wallabies jumping everywhere in Australia or it ain't a sim.

thanks for your time

Dirt 4 Wishes interactive crowd's 4 votes

interactive crowd's + wildlife (both can't hit)
75% 3 votes
spectators that don't move out of the way
25% 1 vote
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