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DiRT 4 Road Book – 05/05/17 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT 4 Road Book – 05/05/17 | Codemasters Blog

It’s Road Book time! And with just under a month to go, we’re bringing you more exclusive info on DiRT 4. Within today’s glorious edition we give you a little bit more on our two handling modes, Gamer and Simulation – as we know some of you have been wondering about how that’s going to work!

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  • nathanwoodnathanwood Member New Car Smell
    You guys are doing a great job with dirt.And with listening to all the feedback.hope you never get board of working on the dirt games.ps keep tweeking my mkII escort as ill never be able to afford one in real life again.thank you again.
  • chanchitosportchanchitosport Member New Car Smell
    Please please please add the motion sensor steering in ps4 version like driveclub and project cars, is a buy or not buy requirement for me and a lot of gamers who just cant afford a g29, dirt rally was a great game but you cant enjoy it that much with thumb sticks. Cheers
  • DehhDehh Member New Car Smell
    Can we get a mention on VR support? Is it off the table?
    English is not my native language, please be patient.
  • ThorstenTaThorstenTa Member New Car Smell
    I just played DiRt 3. It was just wonderful. I really wanna have DiRt 4 as well. Do you recommand this one for buying it: https://www.planetkey.de/dirt-4-key-kaufen-fuer-steam-download.html ?
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