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ILR league (Inside Line Racing) Season 1

kingmjjkingmjj Member, Drivers Co-Driver
We're a new up and coming league that provides clean and fun racing for skill levels of all kinds exclusive to the PS4

Were currently running a 10 race calendar 50% that starts May 28th on Sunday at 7pm to avoid overrunning into the F1 2017 game

Were currently at 20+ drivers so we're now most likely running a second league day wednesday May 31st and 7pm which for now will be the same level of skill. 

Everyone is welcome to join so long as your drive cleanly and fairly. All assists are welcome.  

The website is https://ilrracing5645645.wixsite.com/ilracing which will explain all the rules and calendars and such. If you need to get in contact the league is on Twitter at @ILRleague ;


  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell

    Disappointed you've called your league the same as ours

  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell
    DMCA logged with WIX for copyright infringement
  • kingmjjkingmjj Member, Drivers Co-Driver


    Disappointed you've called your league the same as ours


    You're actually so daft, you're filing copyright when
    1) you don't have a copyright
    2) ILR is inside line racing league 

    so if if you're trying to launch for copyright infringement on a name that isn't copyright then have fun 

  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell
    The ILR moniker you flagrantly use is my intellectual property, has been for a number of years. I have sent evidence to your hosting service proving this. You state I don't have a copyright yet on your site you state a copyight. Do you understand what DMCA stands for? Do you understand what IP (intellectual property) is?

    I do not give my permission for you to use it the moniker ILR or anything affiliated with it. I am offended you would take such a flippant approach to the whole matter.

    All that is being asked of you, and your hosting service is you change your name to something original that does not reflect the name of usage of another online racing league. That is not unreasonable.
  • jasg2207jasg2207 Member Unleaded

    Copyright protection does not extend to titles, names, slogans or short phrases, the Copyright Office has made that much very clear. You cannot copyright your name, the title of your post or
    any short phrase that you use to identify a work. Do
    you think there is only one company in the world called Apple or windows? Get a
    grip. We are doing nothing wrong. I will be taking this up accordingly.

    We are not in any way shape or
    form using your intellectual property. We are not using your league formatting,
    website style, or your logo. I presume you have Patent in place for your intellectual
    property? Copyright will not cover this in any way. Intellectual property being
    online league racing? mmmm did you create online league racing? im Sure
    codemasters has created that for us. 

  • steve00oa515steve00oa515 Member New Car Smell
    Please remove ILR from your description

    ILR is http://www.ilrhub.co.uk/
  • Dboyking1Dboyking1 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    Do you still have this league up bro? Body is....

    "I've always believed you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there's only a slightest chance." - Micheal Schumacher


  • kingmjjkingmjj Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    Dboyking1 said:
    Do you still have this league up bro? Body is....
    Yessir visit @ILRleague on twitter 
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