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Micro Machines

guntherpunkguntherpunk Member New Car Smell
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Open to all (RCV56GCH8FJKA)


  • EvomasterxEvomasterx Member New Car Smell
    I'm having problems trying to log into my game can you help
  • Mark999Mark999 Member New Car Smell
    Hi Codemasters

    There are some serious problems with this game. Starting in mid October 2017, A lot of players are getting the messege 'Cannot find match, check internet connection. We know that's it's the majority of players because we have team chat and are able to move between teams to discuss this. A few of us have tried going through the EA forum and help email/phone system but eventually end up with been palmed off with the messege that they will let the developers know (You guys accourding to the last EA email I read).
    Now the game has developed a whole host of other connection issues.
    I really did enjoy this game but with all the issues affecting the game and the lack of communication regarding these has really spoilt a fantastic product.
    Please could you let is know if you are actually doing anything to solve this. I've already been through EA but they seem to not acknowledge to problem
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