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Some suggestions for F1 2017 or 2018

GorelGorel Member New Car Smell
- More Safety Car (someone crash out in 2016, VSC, but if nobody crash just like some front wing damage, SC)
- You should modelling other drivers from different leagues like F2 etc... (we would like 40 drivers)
- You can do transfers because in 2 seasons it gets boring to see the same drivers in the same spots and everything
- You should get less points at the upgrades because in 2 or 3 seasons you can MAX out the car and there are no hard races anymore

Thank you for read my discussion if you like it please Agree or Like or Awesome.
Sorry if i have something wrong in english im from Hungary.


  • truetifosotruetifoso Member New Car Smell
    1. Better dialogue  (e.g. More feedback than just whether it will rain or not) with the pit team. 
    2. Improve the graphics of the people. Right now they look like characters in games 10 years ago. 
    3. Make the voicemail different from the message on the laptop. Currently, its refund and unnecessary. 
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