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I can't get above 30fps - despite having 75 before (Dirt Rally)

JonTantiJonTanti New Car Smell
Hi all, hoping this is the best place to put this,

My version of dirt rally will only run at < 30fps regardless of graphical setting. This is despite my laptop originally being able to run it at 60+ fps on high/ultra settings.

I think the issue started after connecting my laptop to a tv, playing a few stages, then unplugging - so it seems that some setting somewhere is causing this... but I'm not sure what

Is there a way to run DR in some way to reset all graphical settings? I'm not sure what's causing the apparent frame cap - only DR is having this issue for me.

Any ideas as to what could be going wrong?



  • DidzisDidzis Race Engineer
    Maybe it somehow got changed in the graphics settings when you plugged it to a TV, there's an option for Hz along side resolution. If that doesn't work, you could try reseting the settings by deleting hardwaresettings folder in Documents/My Games/DiRT Rally/
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