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PS4 Sunday/Wednesday league racing 50% ILR League

Hi Guys,
 I am co-owner of a recently founded league- ILR League. We currently have 25 drivers on our books and full grid ready to race in a couple of weeks, with reserves
With interest higher than first thought, we are looking introducing a 2nd league either on sundays or wednesdays. We are doing a introduction - trial mini season of 10 tracks before the new game comes out around august time.
If you're interested in signing up and racing in the coming weeks or interested in racing on the new game, please give us a follow on twitter. Link to our website can be found in the bio too (website to be updated).
Races are 50%, assists allowed, regular corner cutting, dynamic weather. SC etc.

For me details please follow this link - https://twitter.com/ILRleague 

We accept all abilities, more the merrier, we want to build a great community with great racing.


Jack           https://twitter.com/ILRleague
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