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Performance Issues - don't think it's a hardware limit

Hey Guys! I just bought Dirt Rally after playing for free in the steam event, but I'm having trouble with framerate.

I am running a GTX 1060 6GB and a Core i5 6500, which runs most other games at 1080p @ 60fps with high-ultra settings, but for some reason when I'm playing Dirt I am stuck around 25-35fps, no matter what settings I use.

Is there anything I can do to get my framerate up to around 60? my GPU and CPU are nowhere near maxed out when playing, sitting at around 45-50% utilisation 

I've tried dropping all the way to ultra low settings which pinned my CPU at 100% but dropped my framerate to 10-12, tried cranking it to 4K at ultra but that made no change from the original 45-50% utilisation at 25-30fps, and everything in between.

Thanks for helping, 



  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Race Engineer
    Are you by any chance running Avast and/or had a Windows update last week? I use the Oculus Rift with mine and have been experiencing bad frame rates as well since last week as well as in some other games. I uninstalled Avast which fixed Assetto Corsa but DR still runs badly, still trying to narrow down the problem.
  • bidgey225bidgey225 New Car Smell
    No Avast, sorry, but I'm fairly certain I have had an update. Anything I can do about it if it's a windows update thing?
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Race Engineer
    I tried to rollback my version of Windows but I couldn't seem to do it. I think it was a preperation update for the new Windows 10 Creator update. I'm pretty sure this is the issue as it was working absolutely fine before and now the rift is getting black screens and things like that. With Dirt 4 coming out soon I haven't been too bothered by it but it will be nice to have it fixed. I was going to wait for this update and see if it changes
  • bidgey225bidgey225 New Car Smell
    After a couple of windows updates, nothing has changed :'(

    But, I have realised that the framerate starts off nice and smooth (sits on 60 for a stage or two) then goes right down after about 3-4 stages to unplayable (5-10 fps).

    The short term solution is to alt-f4 out after 2 stages, and reopen the game to finish an event, but this isn't ideal. Anyone know of a fix for this?
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