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F1 2107 -News ??

agnusrockagnusrock Member New Car Smell
Hi, will we have 2017 this year?


  • TheBlade954TheBlade954 Member New Car Smell
    yes 2017 will come this year.... Classic F1 cars
  • agnusrockagnusrock Member New Car Smell
    My suggestions of F12017 are:

    1- Enjoy the announcers of virtual corsets,pre-narrate the game, as in games such as fifa and this new generations of football games.

    2- Track prosecutors interacting with broken cars and winches removing damaged cars from the runway.

    3-way story that of freedom to walk on the padock, interviews and interact in the pits before leaving to run.

    4-Mode decisive classic seasons, from the years of 2008,1993,1991,1988 years 70.90 was nick lauda x james hunt, senna x prost, piquet x mansel etc. In this case we would have the option of picking up one of the riders who competed against each other every year to try to reproduce or change the mismatch of that classic season and live its decisive moments of each classic year.

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