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PC - S.R.O.C. F1 - Season 3.B. - Making Inquiries

TyraniumTyranium Member New Car Smell
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

The S.R.O.C. F1 (Sunday's Raceday Online Championship) is a week away from concluding our second season, the Champion has only been crowned 1 race before the end of the season! Preparations for Season 3 are now underway as we're looking for a new bunch of interested drivers joining our league held on PC.
The S.R.O.C. F1 consists out of a big group of Dutch drivers, a few from Italy and one from Poland.

Races in Season 3 will be held at 50% race length. A lot of our rules are explained on the S.R.O.C. F1's forum. Racedates and equal car performance. The S.R.O.C. F1 is mainly a fun social event held weekly but that doesn't mean our drivers shouldn't be fanatic.
Races for Season 3.B. however will be held under a similiar format as season 2. 'Realistic' car performance, only now we'll hold 1 race a week of 50% race length. The full set of rules can be read on our forum!

To communicate we use a WhatsAppgroup once all members are known, Discord to voicechat during official and unofficial events, YouTube for race highlights and ofcourse we use our forum for standings, keeping track of penalties, race calendar etc.

The League's director is yours' truly: 'Cesco'. I can be contacted on steam by adding me by clicking on the following link:

Link to the S.R.O.C. F1-forum: https://sroc.racing/forum/
Link to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfa7tv2SwnCzgW_C909Ohbw

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