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F1 2016 - Crash on Launch

Hello Guys,

i need Your help. I Buyed this Game at Christamas and its still not working. I start the Game at Steam and i see a 10sec. BlackScreen. Then i'm back at my Desktop.
The Game has all Access in Firewall and all Startup Programms are killed.
My Hardware is from 10/2016 and better than the minimum Hardware the Game need. Im working on a Win7 64bit Professional System. All drivers are Up To Date.

I didn't found a thread, which one help in my Situation. I also checked the Files with Steam and everything is okay. Also started as Admin. The CrashDump says following:
-> Orginial German: 'Der Thread hat versucht, von einer virtuellen Adresse, für die er nicht über die entsprechenden Zugriffsrechte verfügt, zu lesen oder in diese Adresse zu schreiben.'
-> Translated: 'The Thread tryied to read or write from a virtual adress without needed Permissions for this Operation.'

More Information:
  "EXE": "F1_2016.exe",
  "Version": 292687,
  "Exception": "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000EF1EF444",
  "System": {
    "ProcessMask": "FF",
    "SystemMask": "FF",
    "Memory": {
      "Resident": {
        "Current": 377094144,
        "Peak": 394657792
      "PagedAllocation": {
        "Current": 1030316032,
        "Peak": 1030316032
  "Session": {
    "GameMode": "",
    "Ruleset": "",
    "ID": "",
    "Track": "",
    "AssetGroup": "",
    "Driver": 0
  "FlowState": {
    "Previous": "",
    "Current": ""
  "FlowTransition": {
    "Previous": 0,
    "Current": 0
  "Graphics": {
    "Vendor": "0x10DE",
    "Device": "0x13C2",
    "Driver": "NVIDIA 38205, r381_99",
    "AvailableVRAM": 0,
    "TotalVRAM": 4104448
  "SystemInfo": {
    "ProcessorName": "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz",
    "ProcessorArchitecture": "x64 (AMD or Intel)",
    "NumberOfProcessors": "8",
    "TotalMemory:": "16333MB"
  "OperatingSystem": {
    "MajorVersion": "6",
    "MinorVersion": "1",
    "Version": "Windows 7",
    "ServicePack": "Service Pack 1"
  "DisplayInfo": {
    "Display_0": {
      "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970",
    "Display_1": {
      "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970",
    "Display_2": {
      "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970",
    "Display_3": {
      "Name": "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970",

I Hope for Help. Thanks


  • KopparaKoppara Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    Have you overclocked your CPU or GPU? For me, when I overclock my graphics card, the game crashes.
    F1 2016 Beta Tester
    F1 2017 Beta Tester
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