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Will fix this hack on f1 2017 PC?

I would like to know if this hack here in the video:

Will it be fixed in f1 2017 for PC?

Look at the car after the changes:

It works on all f1 since 2013. And I just went to know playing f1 2016. And after that I stopped playing the game of heartbreak.

I want to pre-sell the game on steam. But I wanted to know if this is going to be fixed and we can play without worrying about hacks and cheaters like this program.

Thanks in advance.


  • NewsBoysMaxNewsBoysMax Member New Car Smell
    We wait for arrangements, before the game is launched
  • NbadallasNbadallas Member New Car Smell
    I hope for codemaster fix this to pre order this game,
  • BossWBossW Member New Car Smell
    Me too, i don't will pre-order this year because of this...will wait the fix before purchase.
  • MauroBRAMauroBRA Member New Car Smell
    F1 is an
    excellent game, but this being very disregarded in some details, I
    affirm that it is not so bad to buy new editions every year, but the bad
    thing is to know that these cheats are not solved and the leagues that
    used to be mainly in the 2012 edition Simply disappeared
    ... Codemaster do not afford to lose the right of the FIA, people get
    annoyed and they have a voice yes, amid so many good simulator releases
    careful not to lose the field as an F1 lover that I am not
    do not care who develops the game, but it is well done and I still
    believe in you, spiritually and in advance, do not let this happen in
    new editions and if possible fix this error in the 2016 edition, you
    will be sure of my disclosure, hugs!

  • AquilesKenobiAquilesKenobi Member New Car Smell
    I'm already disappointed for not seeing VAC anti cheat in its Steam page.

    Looks like Code will ignore us once again.
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