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Will fix this hack on f1 2017 PC?

I would like to know if this hack here in the video:

Will it be fixed in f1 2017 for PC?

Look at the car after the changes:

It works on all f1 since 2013. And I just went to know playing f1 2016. And after that I stopped playing the game of heartbreak.

I want to pre-sell the game on steam. But I wanted to know if this is going to be fixed and we can play without worrying about hacks and cheaters like this program.

Thanks in advance.


  • NewsBoysMaxNewsBoysMax Member New Car Smell
    We wait for arrangements, before the game is launched
  • NbadallasNbadallas Member New Car Smell
    I hope for codemaster fix this to pre order this game,
  • BossWBossW Member New Car Smell
    Me too, i don't will pre-order this year because of this...will wait the fix before purchase.
  • MauroBRAMauroBRA Member New Car Smell
    F1 is an
    excellent game, but this being very disregarded in some details, I
    affirm that it is not so bad to buy new editions every year, but the bad
    thing is to know that these cheats are not solved and the leagues that
    used to be mainly in the 2012 edition Simply disappeared
    ... Codemaster do not afford to lose the right of the FIA, people get
    annoyed and they have a voice yes, amid so many good simulator releases
    careful not to lose the field as an F1 lover that I am not
    do not care who develops the game, but it is well done and I still
    believe in you, spiritually and in advance, do not let this happen in
    new editions and if possible fix this error in the 2016 edition, you
    will be sure of my disclosure, hugs!

  • AquilesKenobiAquilesKenobi Member New Car Smell
    I'm already disappointed for not seeing VAC anti cheat in its Steam page.

    Looks like Code will ignore us once again.
  • JerbsJerbs Member New Car Smell
    The new F1 2017 game has everything to be the best game of the series. But for this success, you need to pay special attention to the version that will be released for the PCs. It has shown a serious flaw in the game, in that manipulating and changing the files can change the default properties of the game. So we're looking forward to a fix for developers for this next release, since the console versions are free from this issue.
  • CW171CW171 Member New Car Smell
    I'm one of the modders of the game.
    I think modding games is great - it lengthens the games play time, gives people a reason to buy it on PC rather than console and brings new players into the franchise (I only wanted to buy the game on PC after watching season 1 of MyDriver and I know a few people who don't even own the game but watch MyDriver)
    However, I fully agree that something needs to be done about modifying performance files (Unpopular Opinion: I would like it to be an option rather than forced because, for example, I made an extreme damage mod for the game which is really fun to play with friends which modify the performance files) also with the 2017 performance mod you can do lobbies with cars having the performance of the 2017 cars).
  • TonayaTonaya Member New Car Smell
    I'm not going to buy it and I'll wait and see if they'll fix it. If they do not fix it, I'll migrate to another racing game. You do not have to stop changing the game. You just need to have an option for those who want to play only among those who have not changed the game.
  • wtsdswtsds Member Unleaded
    I know there is a large community of modders for the game. But allowing you to change the performance files of cars, and being able to play online normally, is completely wrong.

    I am totally in favor of being able to change the colors of the cars to their appearance. But not power, acceleration, drivability. If the code does not solve I do not know if I will buy.

    I expect a definite answer from the codemasters team!
  • Saber120Saber120 Member New Car Smell
    Yes its not a good thing when its so simple to cheat.  At least some basic coverage would be good.  Then it will force people to pay for their hack programs when they finally get around to making them lol.  Dont wanna make cheating this simple.  Any driver who is smart and already good can just increase his cars stats a little bit in order to gain a edge over everyone else. There is quiet a few leagues for this game and they seem to take it seriously.
  • wtsdswtsds Member Unleaded
    Very good codemasters! You are not interested in putting an anti-cheat in the game. Or not let people change the game files and play online.

    And players only think of career mode. Do not worry about the online mode that gives you the most longevity.

    I expect a final answer on the case!
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