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Looking for beginner racers for a league race this sunday

TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
Hi Guys,

We are racing this weekend in Russia and have a few spots available for a race on Sunday at 8pm BST, If you're interested just post below whether you are a pad or wheel user and what level you are at, medium, hard, expert etc.


  • MRCQ19MRCQ19 Member New Car Smell
    Ill join. Pad user. Expert AI difficulty
  • TaylzTaylz Member New Car Smell
    Hi MRC,
     we are racing tomorrow, if you would like to join set a few laps on Monza and send me a screengrab of your times. My ps4 username is Taylz--   cheers.
  • Tjabo007Tjabo007 Member New Car Smell
    hoi ik wil ook wel mee doen als het nog gaat PS4  Nederlander Dutch en online ID

    • j.Willems

  • Reub09Reub09 Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    Relatively new to the wheel and master difficulty, how long race distance? 
    | Former F1 TS Hub Driver | PSGL F4 League Red Bull TAG Heuer #15 | PS4 | Irish | Red Bull #3 #33 |

  • unaufadoxunaufadox Member New Car Smell
    I'm a beginnger on F1 2016 on the X Box One. I used to be in a league on F1 2014 with racing line, traction control and auto gears but had a long break. Now I use no assists so I'm learning the tracks (up to Baku as of today!), breaking zones racing lines, car control etc. Looking for online players to race with who also use no assists and who are relatively new to it all. Gamer Tag: unaufadox 
  • NicoloWLFNicoloWLF Member New Car Smell
    I'll join. Expert/master AI on the pad. PSN-Nicolo_WLF
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