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Grid: Autosport SLI flickering

I bought Grid: Autosport today and I'm experiencing the flickering problem that was supposedly patched on the 3rd of July last year.

I'm running it with 2x760s in SLI, using the Geforce Experience optimal settings and getting flickering in the menu transitions and smoke particles (when smoke shadows is on).
I've tried a variety of in-game and nvidia inspector options (I've experienced this issue in previous ego games) with no joy, and search results just throw up references to the previous patch notes.

Not having this problem in Showdown or Grid 2 so, any suggestions?


  • fomozfomoz Member New Car Smell
    I don't get any flickering in the menus, but to fix Smoke Shadows I just disabled them. I'm running Titans in 4-way SLI.
  • gamelordgamelord Member New Car Smell
    You may notice the same menu flickering in Dirt 3, and Dirt Showdown also have anomalies on Eight-Ball Sna Francisco night track. Codemasters never made proper SLI.
  • kingmustardkingmustard Member New Car Smell
    I was getting the SLI smoke flicking bug with my 2x 970.

    Turn Smoke Shadows to OFF to fix it.
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