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In Grid Autosport, is it possible to win all races with every car?

KatonRyuKatonRyu Member New Car Smell
To elaborate, take a game like F1 2016. If you're playing on the highest level with an unmodded midfield car, you're not going to win a race. Grid is obviously very different from F1, but the cars in the game are still different from one another. When playing the career mode with the AI at the hardest difficulty, is it possible to win every race, or will there be races for which you simply don't have the right car? I mainly ask because I'm one of those people who really want to win every race, but still have some challenge to it. If the cars the AI drive are simply better at times, then I won't have to waste hours on retrying a single race. If they're driving better, but are theoretically beatable in every scenario, I'll just have to get better to defeat them. If this topic has been posted before, I apologize. I wasn't able to find it, in any case.


  • LoggyLoggy Member Unleaded
    edited May 2017
    Personally I found that the AI really battle you at the highest level, It seems to me their cars are faster and because of the weighted AI cars its very difficult and unfair that they push you off the line even when you have the right of way.
    I gave up trying to win every race and took what I got mostly, I don't think it cant be done.
    You have to wait for a mistake to get past and the bots never make any !!
    Good luck though.

    Edit,, And as some of the cars within their class have noticeably different attributes with acceleration, brakes, weight, f/r/4wd, etc all factoring in the overall performance its quite a learning process as well.
  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 2017
    In response to OP, the race and car that comes immediately to mind is trying to win a Touge in the old Boss Mustang.  Just ain't happening. Every other AI car leaves it far behind.  On the other hand, if you're driving a Skyline you just about can't lose.

    Edit:  Shucks.  I was thinking GRID, and just noticed the thread is about Autosport.  Sorry.
  • AtticvsAtticvs Member New Car Smell
    I wouldn't think so by default, based on Loggy's reply, but I seem to recall there's a very heavy rubber-band effect in the game that can still help you out by simply allowing you to stay within touching distance even if the opponent is much stronger. And you can go from there.

    Personally, I don't like the "custom" tracks of the Career mode (e. g. the "half" Sepang" or "half" Red Bull Ring) and I don't like the rubber-band effect either, so I simpy play Custom Cup on the tracks I like and delete the catchup.xml file from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GRID Autosport\ai. (The game has a clever checksum mechanism and it won't save your progress if you delete files such as catchup.xml, but I'm happy to pay that price to avoid the rubber-band.) That way, on the highest difficulty, you can race properly for 0.1s per lap and you are forced to stay perfect because you sure as hell won't ever beat Ravenwest if you don't.

    Good luck!
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