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F1 2015 doesn't see my Thrustmaster T150

I'm on a pc and the ps4 / ps3 switch is on ps3. I open the game, then in main menu I go to My F1 > Settings > Customise Controls > Driving Controls , when I'm there the option 'Advanced Wheel Settings' is grey so I can't choose that, and when I go to Driving Controls I can't see my T150. 
I know I have installed the wheel oke because it's responding when I turn on the pc. 
I'm new in simulation racing games, I'm only interested in F1 and that's why you don't see me talking about other games.

 My config:

Asus P8P67 EVO
Core i7 2600K
12GB GeIL memory
128 GB Samsung SSD
1K WD harddisk
Windows 8.1 

... not the newest system but it must be good enough to play F1 2015/16

...  I hope nonetheless that there's is still somebody who can help me with my issue. Sorry for my english I'm Dutch.


  • TURBODEVIN19TURBODEVIN19 Member Race Engineer
    Hi you should probably post this in the F1 section, not the GRID section of the forums.

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