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Can't beat friend / Effective tips for improvement?

Hello everybody,
i am a big f1 fan since my childhood and played a lot of games in the past and now actual the f1 2016 on ps4. 
But still, i wasn't the best driver all the time, as long as i played. I guess it is some about driving physics which you should have in blood or not, at least to be really really good in such games. So i am no total greenhorn but also not as good as i want to be and i thought until now it is because of that. 

(to make an example, i didnt tried it, but i guess i couldnt beat "ultimative" in this game, so always playing max. at legend and didn't crush it)

So but now i am playing very often with a good friend online...and he destroys me any time. If he didnt get a bloody frontwing or something else happens he just dominates it. 
I just dont know how he does that, but i do know for example that he plays complete without ideal line, and for the rest we still play with full traction control, no brake assistent but full ABS. 

And i do drive with ideal line, because of the consistency of rounds at 50% distance.

So maybe at some routes, i could stay about 2 secs behind him for 5-6 rounds but at some point he just drives away and the distance just gets bigger and bigger. 

I now want to improve myself to make it competitive. 
Does any of you have effective tips?

He says i should begin to drive without ideal line, and i always see behind him he has a little difference to drive curves then the ideal line shows, but he is faster than me trying to hold the perfect line. But i couldn't imagine that i will be faster in the future if i wouldn't see this ideal line anymore.

I dont know what is the best way to improve, just driving? time laps? career on ultimative? fast games? just trying without ideal line? 

Or did i reach my limit? :/

Thank you for your answers!


  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Drop the racing line. It's helpful but there are many places where it's incorrect and sets you up badly for a future turn or exit onto a straight. 

    Find a track you feel you know well and start off there, maybe reduce to "braking only" line until you learn your braking points. Most you learn on where the 200, 150, 100, 50m  boards are placed but often there are camera boxes, timing lines, trees, bridges etc that you end up using as braking points. The thing about those is you will remember them going forward for each track until you have your own map in your head for each track. Time trialling is also very useful, keep racing ghosts, you'll learn where other drivers are gaining time through a different line and what they are using as brake markers. The racing line is good at the start when you actually rely on it to learn tracks but keep it on and you just end up driving to the line the game says and not the best line for your car and setup. 
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  • NesjamagNesjamag Member New Car Smell
    First I'd get rid of all assists. Will be difficult at first, but so worth it. It makes the game much more fun.
    To get faster try watching youtube vids of some of the fastest drivers and see where their breaking points, what their throttle action is, and which gears they take corners with. Here's a good one with comments and setups. 
    With this it's all about practice and gaining confidence.

  • thombrouwer90thombrouwer90 Member Pit Crew
    Go put a race setup on your car before the race, this can get you up to 0.5 seconds faster per lap without even doing anything different. You can get some good race setups on aarava's youtube career setup video.
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  • NicoPetrovicNicoPetrovic Member New Car Smell
    Hey, thanks for all your tips! Already tried without racing line today and totally failed..i drove for too long with this line but if i will be faster in the long run without it, i will go through this. 

    Yeah thanks for the video & setup tips, with the setups i already had managed before and got one for nearly every route.
  • haydn23haydn23 Member Petrol Head
    Take him out xD                                 
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  • NicoPetrovicNicoPetrovic Member New Car Smell
    haydn23 said:
    Take him out xD                                 
    i did, sometimes :D
  • Turn1SeagullTurn1Seagull Member Unleaded
    Use car setups, you can gain over 0.5 seconds every lap with the right one.
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