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Dirt Rally PSVR Not Working!

I purchased the Dirt Rally PSVR bundle on the PSN this weekend (5/27/17) during the sale and the PSVR mode isn't working. I have reinstalled the game 4 times from the PSN and tried rebooting my PS4 many times and nothing is working. When I go into the menus of the game, I go to the "Playstation VR" selection and it says "Buy Playstation VR DLC", I click it and it brings me to the store where it says it is installed, but it's not working. I have tried many races with no success. PLEASE HELP!


  • Coffeeguy1966Coffeeguy1966 Member New Car Smell
    I have this game, I purchased DIRT RALLY PSVR and in the game case was a code to redeem in store, which I did. The PlayStation VR selection works for me ok so not sure what is happening with yours. Are you signed in and is the PSVR all connected correctly ? 
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