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League play in Dirt 4?

porqchopzporqchopz Member New Car Smell
I have been wondering if they are going to be using the same system for leagues in Dirt 4 that they used in Dirt Rally. Can anyone help answer that? I have tried searching for any kind of answer and only get taken to Dirt Rally league stuff. I'm thinking about getting Dirt 4 but also want to look into starting up a league for actual stage rally. Was hoping that the same system would be in place. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    The only info I have heard about leagues is that they will not be finished for release and the league system will be launched sometime after the game launches. So there will be a league system similar to DR and if I were to guess, the fact they are not just reusing the DR system gives me hope for new features in the system.

    But for right now it is a wait and see thing. At first I was bummed about the delay, but it will give our league time to evaluate the game before we jump into another full championship season.
  • versediversedi Member Champion
    edited June 2017
    The one more thing I've heard is possible but not confirmed yet is that DiRT Rally leagues could be moved to D4. 

    @KickUp mentioned this somewhere. Can't recall where, sorry (probably Twitter)
  • porqchopzporqchopz Member New Car Smell
    Do any of you guys know if the "your stage" will be usable to create stages for a league when the league launches? I know it's kinda a tough one to answer as leagues won't be available right away but hopefully you guys have heard something :)
  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    That's the idea ;)                                        
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  • porqchopzporqchopz Member New Car Smell
    Have they updated to allow for the stage rally league stuff yet?
  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    Not yet, but it is in active development, they have mentioned it in the last two road books.
  • realfalconrealfalcon Member New Car Smell
    We still need some time for the dirt 4 website to be developed. However, we will play online races in dirt 4 such that; official calendar of 1st Istanbul league of 2017 (Rallycross or Landrush):

    Race 1 : 13 September Wednesday 22.00 London Time
    Race 2 : 27 September Wednesday 22.00 London Time
    Race 3 : 11 October Wednesday 22.00 London Time
    Race 4 : 25 October Wednesday 22.00 London Time
    Race 5: 08 November Wednesday 22.00 London Time
    Final Race 6 : 22 November Wednesday 22.00 London Time

    Track and Car details will be explained in the discord group: https://discord.gg/TJqPhZv
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