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Basic Setup for Online (No Assists)

ForeverchampsForeverchamps Member Wheel Nut
I have really struggled to get a correlation between online and TT - I get a good setup in TT and then online it is up to 5 seconds slower. Does anyone have a setup that works well for most tracks online (excluding one of a kind tracks, such as Monaco and Monza). Thank you.


  • PurpleBear096PurpleBear096 Member New Car Smell
    I try out a few top leaderboard setups. Adjust a few things like brake balance and pressure (especially if it's from an assist leaderboard time as the balance and pressure is usually really high and causes big lock ups). Save them all and use them in race but only for 5 lappers. If it's a longer race I reduce anything that affects tyre wear slightly. 

    FYI I did a race on Spain last night and I think my best lap was 3s off my time trial using basically the same setup. Remember you have a heavier car and on shorter races by the time fuel wears off the tyres are gone where as TT tyre wear is reset each lap (or is non-existent)
  • ForeverchampsForeverchamps Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 3

    @PurpleBear096 - Thank you very much for that info - I do use the leaderboards for setups, and can normally handle the high brake pressures, it generally reduces the braking distance and I can control the brakes without locking up.

    My issue is even on the sprint races, where it is only 5 laps, so I'm not sure if fuel/tyre wear would be an issue. I'm not sure about you, but sometimes the setup can feel completely different online than in TT, sometimes more oversteer or understeer, more or less traction and it can seem like it is a totally different setup.

    I will keep trying, but it seems that setups that are fast on TT are very slow online compared with other drivers.

  • PurpleBear096PurpleBear096 Member New Car Smell
    Interesting. I just put it down to extra weight. There is wear, Flick through your options and you'll see it. Not massive but it's there.

    I can handle it but don't find it works on some tracks such as Austria. I usually have it 80-90 depending on track and 58% bias.

    If you come across anything let me know, as I'm top 10% on a few tracks and I'm definately not top 10% in multiplayer races. I'd say I struggle to beat half the field in most races, for pace.
  • ForeverchampsForeverchamps Member Wheel Nut
    @PurpleBear096 - totally agree, I am much higher in TT compared to multiplayer. Also, this was not an issue for me on F1 2015 - I was regularly winning or at least getting a podium in multiplayer, but now I struggle to get within a second of fastest lap.
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