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Any Official Movement About PSVR Support in Dirt 4?

@ChristinaMc I know support for PSVR and VR in general has been brought up a number of times from the first announcement of Dirt 4 and that obviously it will not be available from launch. But is there any official movement on adding support for PSVR with Dirt 4 as an paid or unpaid DLC in the near future?

I know that many such as myself who own PSVR's and Dirt Rally; would pre-order Dirt 4 today/tomorrow if an official announcement was made clarifying that PSVR support was in the works for the next ...x months time. In the meantime I would continue playing Dirt Rally in VR and just dip my toe into Dirt 4 to see the lay of the land as it were. 


  • ExoilExoil Member New Car Smell
    Why are you over there at Codemaster completely silent about PSVR in Dirt 4 and F1 2017?
    If you can't make it work, atleast tell us you can't. If you¨re working on it, tell us, please
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