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Dirt 4 FFB for T300 on PS4

Can anyone confirm if the T300 FFB on PS4 is fixed on Dirt 4, or if it is very weak (with no wheel weight or feeling) as it was for Dirt Rally?


  • CanadianBakinMaCanadianBakinMa Member New Car Smell
    Things are better but the straightways are still light/weak like there's no centerforce.     
  • WoweeZowee859WoweeZowee859 Member New Car Smell
    Exactly the same ffb than dirt rally on PS4 and T300 rs... I resell it this afternoon.. lol
  • andylandsburyandylandsbury Member New Car Smell
    OK thanks, that's extremely disappointing. It's ridiculous that this bug, which made Dirt Rally unplayable with a T300 on PS4, is still present in the new Dirt 4 game. Guess T300 PS4 owners will have to stick with WRC6 (which has excellent FFB). Such a shame - I was really hoping they'd have fixed it.
  • Indigo121Indigo121 Member New Car Smell
    I have a T150 and I get almost no FFB of any kind. And yes, its also too light on center and much more heavy around the lock. 
  • KikjaRKikjaR Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    I'm fine with the FFB in Dirt 4. This Settings works OK for me:

    But other recommendations are welcome. =)
  • gigiotto59gigiotto59 Member New Car Smell
    I get very tired and disappointed about Codemaster, since 3-4 years all the games are unplayable for thrustmaster wheel, specially T300.( ps 4 ). I had to sell dirt rally after 2-3 weeks because was impossible to play. Now I read that Dirt 4 has the same problem, I will not buy it, wait for Project cars 2 and Gt sport, and keep playing assetto corsa.
  • MonkiuszMonkiusz Member New Car Smell
    That's extremely disappointing. I wanted to buy this game. But after so many months - I lost hope they will ever fix Dirt Rally bug so the same will be probably here. And T300 is on your support hardware list. That's like stealing ppl's money. And support just send me to the Thrustmaster. Thrustmaster have nothing with that, because other companies titles work flawlessly. 
  • amarhunjan85amarhunjan85 Member New Car Smell
    Regarding dirt rally, I read that if you uninstall then reinstall the game, the ffb works as it should. Make sure you have the latest ps4 software version first. Please can you let us know if it worked for you.
  • SpacepadrilleSpacepadrille Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    I'm a PS4 user, I play with a T300 wheel since 2 years to Project Car, Assetto Corsa, DR and now D4. I'm a kind of maniac about the FFB. I spend 6 month to get it "fine" on Project Cars ;-) I had some problems in the beginning with DR, it was not good, but after re-installing the game it was ok. On D4, after some tuning on the cars and the FFB sliders, it's really good and enjoyable. It's not easy to setup correctly the FFB, first because it's completely a subjective thing, but also because the default setup is way too high, the wheel is just saturated, solid but without details. 
    So for me, there is no issues with Thrustmaster wheels on Codemasters games, but I don't understand why they sell the game with so poor defaults settings (FFB and cars setups). For D4, my FFB is SAT 55-70, WF 0, TF 70, Suspensions 59, tire slip 8. It can appears like a weak ffb by the numbers, but it's not when you drive.  
    One more thing ; My first T300rs died quickly because of a too strong default FFB in PCars (my first wheel, my first game, just played like that and destroyed my wheel and my arms). Thrustmaster send me a new wheel, just the T300 base. It was not exactly the same base than my first T300. Maybe it's why some T300 users have problems with Codies's games, and others not.

  • amarhunjan85amarhunjan85 Member New Car Smell
    @Spacepadrille how was your second t300 different from your first? Maybe they changed something in their production due to how unreliable they are? I hope it's that, rather than each t300 feeling slightly different. Regarding the the ffb after your reinstall, could you please confirm if it is back to how it was designed to be ie the same as pc/xbox versions, or if it is still slightly compromised compared to those systems. Many thanks 
  • SpacepadrilleSpacepadrille Member New Car Smell
    my second T300 was apparently the same, but the sound it produce while moving is different. I play only on PS4, so I can't tell you if the ffb is the same than on PC/XBox. I just can tell that the ffb is in the same range of strength and précision than Assetto Corsa and PCars (once tuned to my likings). 
  • Tony79Tony79 Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    Hi. Post your T300RS Settings on PS4
    My is:

    Self Aligning Torge: 125
    Wheel Friction: 100
    Tyre Friction: 150
    Suspension: 150
    Tyre Slip: 150
    Collision: 150
    Soft Lock: 150
    Steering Center Force: 100
    Steering Center Force Enabled: On
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  • Nicsos123Nicsos123 Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    my T300 integral Settings on PS4

    Self Aligning Torge: 74
    Wheel Friction: 56
    Tyre Friction: 122
    Suspension: 141
    Tyre Slip: 147
    Collision: 123
    Soft Lock: 145
    Steering Center Force: 100
    Steering Center Force Enabled: On
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