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Dirt 4- Wheel Friction Setting on Xbox One?

I'm using the Logitech G920 for the Xbox One and cannot find any slider to adjust the "wheel friction" within any of the options menus or sub-menus.  I can bind buttons, adjust steering linearity, steering saturation, brake/gas/clutch deadzones and saturation, etc., basically every other option available for wheel configuration except for the friction of the wheel itself. 

When you select the "What's This?" option (I can't recall exactly what screen it is on, but can take a screenshot tonight after work and edit this post) a description of wheel friction is displayed, but it is the only option not actually in the menu itself. 

Am I missing this setting somewhere else?  Has anyone else figured out how to adjust the friction?  The FFB feels great overall, but the friction is a tad high for my taste by default.  
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