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Day One - DiRT 4 v1.02 - Found a bug? Post it here!

ChristinaMcChristinaMc Member, Codemasters, F1MR testers Community Manager
Hi all,

Happy DiRT week! As I'm sure you're all aware, DiRT 4 is out globally this Friday. Let us know here if, once you've picked up the game, you notice any issues or something you think might've slipped through the cracks. 

- Improved non-English co-driver logic
- Your Stage improvements
- Graphical optimisations
- Stability fixes
- Minor bug fixes

Please make sure you provide as much detail as you can in your feedback - including what platform you're on, as much info about the issue as possible, and in what in-game scenario your issue has occurred.

Finally, if you're here because you're having issues installing via disk - please make sure you restart your client to get the latest updates. :) http://store.steampowered.com/news/?feed=steam_client


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  • AreyoubenAreyouben Member Race Engineer
    I can't wait to start playing tonight! I'll be paying close attention to the grip levels on gravel, as that seems to be a hot topic. Other than that congrats!
  • nouno71nouno71 Member New Car Smell
    Congratulations for the game.
    My only complaint is about there is not enough tight hairpin like we have in Dirt Rally, for exemple in greece.
    And more intersections like some in spain.
    And please add Germany location, i think it can be great with your new generated system.
    Thanks to read me...
  • JonataJonata Member New Car Smell
    hello guys!

    Congratulations for the amazing game.
    I really enjoy what you guys doing on that. But I was very sad to see that the game has nothing translated to PT/BR.
    DiRT Rally have, why DiRT 4 dont?

  • Stevie777Stevie777 Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 2017
    Ps4: no rearview mirror in dashboard cam, bug or feature? 
    Ps4: no option to select : 'Manual H-pattern + Clutch OR Manual Sequential' instead we now have to change options manually to set the kind of shifter we like to use based on the cars gearbox.
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  • DalkiranogluDalkiranoglu Member New Car Smell
    Please add button to punch co driver :) some left 3 is not left 3 :) some pacenote color need to be red i think. just an opinion. Very good game thank you.
  • cjhillcjhill Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    Console:- PS4 

    BUG - Rallycross
    AI Supercars are far too slow in a straight line. Can gain almost 2 seconds on one straight going down towards Devil's elbow at Lydden.
    The weather was heavy rain.
    This was also the case in Loheac but this time it was dry. The straight line speed was not as slow this time but could gain a huge amount on the backstraight beside the joker loop when on full throttle
    Playing on highest difficulty setting.

    BUG - Rallycross
    Did a full event at Loheac
    Finished 4th in semi - final so didnt make it tot the final, but ranked 12th in the final standings (should be either 7th or 8th)

    Playing in sim handling mode with controller

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  • Gunner7Gunner7 Member New Car Smell
    I reedem my day one code but i cant find the hundai r5 
    the ingame store tells me to buy it with coins
  • cjhillcjhill Member New Car Smell
    BUG -PS4

    When taking a joker i sometimes get told it has not been counted by the stewards because I missed the entry.
    Then when I take the joker again I get told I only needed to take 1 joker  :p
  • Snaky115Snaky115 Member Co-Driver
    Gunner7 said:
    I reedem my day one code but i cant find the hundai r5 
    the ingame store tells me to buy it with coins
    Intended behaviour - others don't even get a chance to buy it without pre-ordering, for now. I think.
    FX-9590 4.8ghz, 16GB, R9 Fury Nitro
    And a KEYBOARD! #KeyBro (waiting for the 2.0 thing)
  • HammersmutHammersmut Member New Car Smell
    I can not reassign the E-brake to a different button, it simply does not work. I am trying to change it to another button on the wheel, but it doesn't save it. How do I fix this?
  • boganibogani Member Champion
    the rotation seems to be opposite on what it should be at least with the 95 Subaru on Michigan, on xbox.

    what i mean is, when coming to an acute or hair pin turn, and you rip the ebrake, then let off, instead the rear end continuing to swing around, the front end snaps in the direction your sliding as if theres a 2000lb weight in the trunk. sometimes its ok, but at less the wot around a corner, the car snaps around opposite of how it should be. 
    Yeah that one issue people are talking about. The rear end regains grip quite violently straightening the car out immediately.
  • KevMKevM Member Champion
    Xbox visual stutter gets pretty bad in heavily wooded areas  :/
  • RosscarRosscar Member New Car Smell
    I have just purchased Dirt 4 forXbox one and it will not install. After a few seconds it says installation stopped .I took disc back to retailer (The Warehouse Levin New Zealand ) and exchanged disc with the same result. My box is nearly new one S and no trouble with other games Forza 6 ,Ghost Recon .I do not have internet connection for xbox is this possible cause? Surely one does not need connectipon to install a game from disc.Pleaqse advise.
  • GminddGmindd Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    PC: I have an simcube DD wheel and i dont have ffb and cant even find a linear steering settings... 
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