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Dirt4(ps4) Can't PLAY! T500RS disconnects, same spot, EVERY time:( HELP

Dynos22Dynos22 Member New Car Smell
I cant play the game! my wheel thrustmaster t500rs keeps disconnecting at the same place, after the hairpin turn on the first stage. everytime!! 

ive tried several times, i got no power saving on, my ps4pro Never turns of any of the usb, ive choose to ALWAYS have power on Usb. '

please help guys, what do i do??? i dont want to play with my ds4:( and i hope i dont need to buy it for pc too:(  

I tried unplugging the wheel into the usb, and it recalibrates detects fine. I got past the first stage, but then again after a few minutes it disconnects and turns to either side constantly..


  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Race Steward
    The T500 is not on our supported peripherals list.  We are aware of the problem and are working towards supporting it in a future update.
  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    Codemasters are now telling us that the T500 is not a supported wheel despite it being on the original peripheral list for Dirt 4 !!! Turning the ffb off apparently cures the problem but why on earth would we want to use it like that? They are are supposed to be looking into it but don't hold your breath as they've also not fixed the poor ffb on the T300 either.
  • Dynos22Dynos22 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    CMMcBabe i read http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-4-supported-peripherals-revealed.135939/before the release that the t500rs would be supported:/ 

    when can we expect a fix for this? today?
  • ColinmcnaughtonColinmcnaughton Member New Car Smell
    My new game - which I will struggle to get a refund for - is back in the box after 2 races.

    Not supporting the T500rs is just nonsense after supporting it in the last title. Especially as it does work, but gets interrupted - it's clearly a bug.

    I'm pretty disgruntled at this point - £45ukp wasted currently, until - if ever - they patch it.
  • slimleoslimleo Member New Car Smell
    I actually bought the T500 last year  because I wanted a better performance with Dirt Rally on PS4 since the T300 was supposed to have big issues and now this? A damn shame... Please fix this guys
    Same issue here. PS4 T500rs. Controller disconnected. Wheel starts going crazy. Please fix this ASAP. I was looking forward to playing so much, but this has rendered the game unplayable.
  • Dynos22Dynos22 Member New Car Smell
    same i also choose the t500rs over the t300. big mistake... i ended up buying the game for pc aswell, kind of regret it. its nowere near the quality of dirt rally.. semi arcade. on sim with all assists off.
  • TurbonyTurbony Member New Car Smell
    Same problem here ! And at the sametime some of the pedals (Random it seems , or it maybe is the last one you pressed when the disconnect happens) , will stop working , or just works if you push it down looong way. 
    How can you NOT support T500RS ?? 
  • Dynos22Dynos22 Member New Car Smell
    if you want to play in a way... you can turn of ffb
  • elMagico1984elMagico1984 Member New Car Smell
    Dynos22 said:
    if you want to play in a way... you can turn of ffb
    This is real BS! They said they supported the T500, also in game you can select the T500 + an add on type of wheel.. so **** is the problem?!!

    How long will this take to be solved?? 

  • CanadianBakinMaCanadianBakinMa Member New Car Smell
    I blame the pS4.                                            
  • gadgit7gadgit7 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    Exactly same issue here. Very annoying after pre ordering and can't even go for a drive!Random disconnects of controller but my T500rs, PS4 pro combo works great on ALL other titles. 

  • SchlapperklangeSchlapperklange Member New Car Smell
    Cmon Codemaster DO Something. The T500 was on the list of supported wheels for the ps4. This was the reason I bought this game. It even gets perfectly recognized from the game. And now u are giving us those fake disconnects. U are like North Korea LOL. U LIED TO US AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Now I am about to sell my ps4 and dirt4. **** greedy Sony wants us to buy a G29 which is just utter **** wheel. How many wheels are there left??
  • ColinmcnaughtonColinmcnaughton Member New Car Smell
    There's going to be a new Thrustmaster after this E3... they're already showing teasers..

    Wonder if it will work 'out of the box' ?
  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    A temporary fix for this problem is go into the ffb settings for the T500 within the game and set all the ffb settings to zero apart from the 1st two, works for me and my T500 no longer disconnects and has decent ffb :smiley:
  • GusRocketBRGusRocketBR Member New Car Smell
    Same problem here. PS4 Pro and T500RS. The wheel disconnect all the time and I can't play the game. Any solutions? How can I get my money back? I brought it on PSN.
  • Dynos22Dynos22 Member New Car Smell
    i dont think you can, if you find a way to get a refund let me know, i want one too for my ps4 version. its unplayable ps4pro t500rs
  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    It's very playable if you use my temp fix listed above :wink:
  • Hill0Hill0 Member Wheel Nut
    Thanks madwak I'm going to give it ago now 
  • slimleoslimleo Member New Car Smell
    Thanks madwak! This is actually pretty decent. 
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