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Dirt 4 PC Stutter 60fps.



  • WhiffleWhiffle Member New Car Smell
    Ok, I seem to have fixed mine.  What I did was install the AMD chipset drivers from AMD's site which gave me a newer usb filter driver than the drivers from my motherboard site.  Game runs great now, even on ultra!  Yay!
  • TungstenElementTungstenElement Member New Car Smell
    Guys! For those who own the Logitech wheel G27 or G29 and you have the stutter problem, I've got a solution!

    Keep your keyboard and mouse intact. No need to unplug them. Keep your Windows 10, it works fine. You just need to do this: -
    1. Download a copy of the Logitech Profiler (Get the latest copy if possible),
    2. In the Profiler, add a new profile for the Dirt 4 or Dirt Rally (if you happened to have stutters in DR too),
    3. Your profile should point to your current installed D4/DR location (mine is D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT 4\dirt4.exe).

    Each time before you launch your Dirt 4 or Dirt Rally, make sure you select the profile in the Logitech Profiler and that's it - no more stutters!

  • Superd00psSuperd00ps Member Unleaded
    You will also have to enable FFB and set wheel rotation and "allow the game to adjust settings". If you don't,...it will use the global profile defaults.
    ASRock z170 Extreme 7+, i6700K@4.6, Corsair H110i, 16G G.Skill Trident, SLi MSI GTX 1070 Gaming z 8G, 3-Way RAID0 Samsung 950/960 Pro m.2, BenQ XL2420Z, Corsair RM1000i, Corsair 750D, G27, Win10-64.
  • drohorrordrohorror Member New Car Smell
    ilborga70 said:
    This is a USB device and steering wheel issue in this thread.  If you would take half a second to read you'd have realized this.

    Anyways, I had taken a break from D4, maybe I'll get my wheel out and see if the logitech profiler fixes it.
  • Rea9erRea9er Member New Car Smell
    none of the suggested fixes have worked for me with my G27. why have codemasters not fixed this issue yet? I am at the point of wanting my money back and never buying another Codemasters title again. 
  • DCasDCas Member New Car Smell
    Same problems with a T150. Of course the FPS are stable, the frametimes are the problem. I'm dirt 4, in dirt rallye it was a problem too! Exactly the same! It is very poor and unless the account binding I asked Amazon for a refund.
    It happens on a clean Windows 10 and 8.1 installation!
  • JShodanJShodan Member New Car Smell
    i cant' belive, we are in codemaster forum and noone is helping us. I have the same proble when i plug in g27! i dont' want to playwith pad damn! 
  • Rea9erRea9er Member New Car Smell
    I agree, this is very disappointing and tbh i will be very unlikely to buy another codemasters title (a new V8 supercars perhaps) Codemasters, you need to step up your game, we aren't even talking about an outdated peripheral, the G27 is still current and should be supported and reinstalling Windows 7 should not be a solution nor should a clean install of any OS. You need to patch this to get it working right, I paid good bloody money for this title (as I have for all Dirt titles, yes even Showdown! I expect more for my money.
  • icewatusicewatus Member New Car Smell
    edited November 2017
    Hello guys,

    I'm also another guy with a "strong" PC (Asus Z370 / i7 8700K / 16 GB DDR4 / 980 GTX TI) with the same kind of stutter you are describing when my Logitech G29 is connected. I have found an kind of ugly work around that works on my machine that I would like to share. I tracked down the problem to the Logitech G29 driver called "Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB" under "Human Interface Devices" in the Device Manager. When I disable that driver in the device manager and starts Dirt 4 I have no stutter.

    My hack to get Dirt 4 running without stutter is as follows:

    Preparation steps:
    1. Download the Vista driver for the Logitech Gaming Software (Currently the file is called "LGS_8.81.15_x64_Logitech.exe")
    2. With 7-zip, open the exe as an archive and extract the folliwing directory to disk: "LGS_8.81.15_x64_Logitech.exe\$_32_\1-LGS-x64\Setup.exe\$_5_\Drivers\LGSHidFilter\"

    When that driver is downloaded plus the ordinary Windows 10 version of Logitech Gaming Software is installed follow theese steps:

    1. Start Dirt 4 with your Wheel connected in Windowed mode (or Alt+Enter to drop out to windowed mode)
    2. Go to Device Manager and install the Vista driver for the device called "Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB
    ". (Update driver, Browse my computer for drivers, Have Disk, select the inf-file from the Vista driver folder) .
    3. The wheel will start to recalibrate/spin and Dirt 4 will tell you that your input devices is changed. Just click Continue two times.
    4. In Device Manager, click update driver on the same device and reinstall your Windows 10 driver again. On my machine it's located in "C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\Drivers\LGSHidFilter".
    5. Return to Dirt 4 and click Continue two more times.

    Now, on my machine the stutter is gone. I have to repeat this every time I start the game, but at least it works. Just Alt+Enter to pop into fullscreen to enjoy.

    If your´e like me, lazy, you could script the above steps with a Microsoft tool called DevCon. To get the tool look here: https://superuser.com/questions/1002950/quick-method-to-install-devcon-exe

    Then you could issue theese commands to install the old and then the new driver by script and as an administrator. If you make two folders with the old (Vista) driver and the new windows 10 driver in sub folders under the devcon tool, just run the commands below:

    devcon updateni LGJoyHid_8.81\LgJoyHid.inf "USB\VID_046D&PID_C24F&REV_8900&MI_00"
    devcon updateni LGJoyHid_8.96\LgJoyHid.inf "USB\VID_046D&PID_C24F&REV_8900&MI_00"

    I even setup a couple of Dirt 4 specific macros in my G810 to run theese commands even easier.

    Hope this helps someone that wants to play the fun game with a Logitech Racing Wheel and without the annoying stutter.

    Br Ice
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