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Dirt 4 and PS4 Problems with L2 R2 buttons on G29

PS4 and Logitech G29 WHeel. There is a problem with game. It will not recognize the L2 or R2 buttons in game. My handbrake is wired to L2 so this is a game breaker. Neither buttons are recognized in game. I started dirt rally and they are working correctly and fully programmable and recognized, so it is a Dirt 4 issue. Please address this soon so  I can play the game. It does not recognize some of the unique G29 buttons, but not a concern right now Thank you


  • MarkdeluxEMarkdeluxE Member New Car Smell
    I habe the same Problem with the L2 and R2 button, using the R2 button as handbrake is not possible!! Please adress this as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
  • SolosalitaSolosalita Member New Car Smell
    Non si può fare un'aggiornamento per far leggere al gioco i tasti r2 e l2 del volante Logitech g29 ?
    È assurdo che non si possano configurare 
    AIUTO !!!
  • SolosalitaSolosalita Member New Car Smell
    Grazie per aver rosolto il problema ora si che si gode a pieno il gioco
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