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DiRT 4 + Xeon CPU (22+22)

JohnnyCapoJohnnyCapo Member New Car Smell

I have an Intel Xeon E5 2696 v4 (22 physical cores + 22 logical cores), 128GB of RAM and nVidia GTX-1080Ti (latest drivers) - Windows 10 (64bit). The game (DiRT 4) crash before the splash screen.

With an Intel Xeon E5 2690 v2 and 64GB of RAM the game works perfectly - same video card, drivers and OS.

I have tried using "affinity" commands but the game won't start.

With only 8 cores enabled (from 22) the games works perfectly with all the cores active (as I want to use my WorkStation) the game won't start at all.

Those are the same problem of the DiRT Rally game (another Codemasters game I own). I find it truly shocking that a software house like Codemasters is not capable of compiling an "executable" with support for many cores when cheap (and junk) games works perfectly with my workstation.

Thanks for your attention.


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