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Separate usb pedals and wheel on the PC cannot calibrate in Dirt 4

Worked fine in Dirt Rally. So much for "progress"


  • NelshNelsh Member New Car Smell
    I have the same problem i have a G29 Wheel and Fanatec CSR Elite pedals the games picks them both up but for some reason my pedals are stuck on full throttle then when you depress any pedal it drops to around 3% very quick then back up again so i can't move anywhere because the brake pedal in game is 100% on but i am not touching the pedal i have tried to invert but it makes no difference either way it does the same thing if anyone can help that would be great 
  • bwillis290bwillis290 Member New Car Smell
    Actually stunned and pretty disgusted this isnt supporting separate usb and wheels yet its predecessor had no issues. Currently completely unplayable with DFGT and separate G27 pedals
  • TerryRedTerryRed Member New Car Smell

    For anyone else having similar issues when using a Logitech Driving Force GT and different pedals....

    I use a Driving Force GT, with my old G25 plugged in (wheel itself is dead) and I use the pedals and Shifter from the G25 at the same time. this works great for most things including other Codemaster titles, except for Dirt 4.

    The issue is that I don't have the DFGT pedals plugged in, which causes the problem of having the gas and brake always at maximum. Without those pedals plugged in, there are no potentiometers to sort out the resistance / voltage needed to keep the gas and brake at 0 / off.

    Workaround to the problem... just plug in the old DFGT pedals to the DFGT wheel, and now I can use my G25 pedals with my DFGT wheel (without hacking). Maybe not an elegant solution, but you can just put the pedals out of sight.

    I imagine this would help others with the same problem who are using separate pedals as well.

    Another solution would be to create a dongle with resistors or potentiometers to mimic the DFGT pedals

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