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Since Evolution Studios is part of Codemasters i would like to see a New MotorStorm, my personal preferences were 1st and 2nd , but 3rd was fun too. What i didnt like was the futuristic concept art about the possible new one before Sony shuted the studio up.
Motor Storm was  and is still one of my favourite crazy car games paralel to Flatout ultimate carnage and burnouts.
Please Codemasters bring back this awesome game. (This time to PC too please) :)

Comment your thoughts.


  • Romans623Romans623 Member New Car Smell
    Yes, Motorstorm was absolutely awesome. Would love a Dirt 'in cockpit' version of that game. Motorstorm just missed the bonet cam or now a VR came would be unbelievable. 
  • PhilipppowitschPhilipppowitsch Member New Car Smell

    Yes a new Motorstorm would be awesome and i woud buy the PS4 then again!!

    Motorstorm Pacific Rift was the greatest game!!

    Also Bournout Paradise was great too!!

  • moyerchancemoyerchance Member New Car Smell
    I would love a remaster of the first one 
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