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What counts as "vehicle recovering"?

A sponsor wants a no recovery rally event, another wants a clear race. Ok so I drive as clean as possible, it's Tarragona, easy to notice if you do something wrong, the only thing "wrong" I did was in an S part to step just about less than half of the tire on the kerb, that's it. 
However sponsor says I had one recovery, where? how? when? Too slow hairpin? you know there's a very close angle inside the town but I did it with no mistake. 
Moving on to New Zealand and got the same, despite having no errors, almost the entire went in the middle of the road even if I had to go a little slower, however, freaking sponsor didn't like it and counted a recovery.

So what's a recovery?  


  • breyzippbreyzipp Member New Car Smell
    Jumping into the spectators at the start/finish in Hell does count. :p

  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    I have this same issue! Unless this is covered else where I'm shocked no-one else has given an answer here. Iterally just did such an easy historic rally, such a slow car it was like regular driving :P But not one single off the entire rally but I got 7 recoveries?? I have literally never seen me successfully get green on a sponsor who wants under 2 recoveries because I am accumulating them somehow. And not restarting either if that counts. But I do wash the car and do the inspections which surely shouldn't count?
    Carystus PS4 Pro
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  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Wheel Nut
    Not stopping in time at the marshall after the finish counts as a recovery.
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