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Dirt 4 DLC ideas

As we all know, Dirt 4 is just released. And as Dirt 3 had as well, we get DLC's as well, most likely. So I make this post the discuss some ideas for DLC's, from simple sponsors, to complex new stages to drive on. And so on. All listed DLC options I can name. I will discuss most of them, got any ideas? Let me know in the comments
-new stages

As we all know, Dirt 4 got a long selection of cars, but there are still some old classics and favourites missing in the game. Like what we used to have in Dirt 3, the Toyota Celica. A old favourite of mine in the 90's class. And i always enjoyed using it, great stability and power. And could be back introduced to the game in the same class as the Impreza 1995. What also could be added in this class, is the Honda Civic. A few rally companies used the Civic as a rally car, and it was amazing to use. As a older class in historic rally, the AE86 could be added. A true favourite under the classic streetracers, but the 4 door version was used for rally, while the 5 door version was used for racing.

Dirt 4 is very limited when it comes to racing classes. Rally, Landrush, Rallycross and historic rally. An idea to expand this, would be by adding DLC's, for example add the big rigs back. Old classic in Dirt 1, together with Dakar trucks. Both were in Dirt 1, but never seen in the following games. These classes were amazing to use, and I would love to see them back into the game, as future update, or DLC. Racing with big trucks, like the Kenworth in big rigs, or in a crazy Kamaz truck in Dakar rally. Or back in Dirt 3, Trailblazer was a thing, with classic and modern cars. With fast Camaro's or Z4's, and other cars in that category. True beauty's to use. And would love to see them back!

througout the Dirt franchise we had some interesting locations. For example back in Dirt 1 we had Japan. Amazing onroad uphill and downhill races. Like no other track ever had.For the streetracing fans under us, uphill and downhill would be great. To be like Takumi from Inital D, have a amazing downhill race, with hopefully the AE86 DLC, and we can go ham on this stage for days! back on Dirt 3 and 4 we had some amazing stages though the dessert. Which was great to do! Dirt Showdown with the race on the Gymkhana playground. All great ideas for new locations. And have more fun than right now!

Back in Dirt 3 we had the Gymkhana playground, the dirtfish acadamy is a new form in Dirt 4, But i want the Gymkhana playground back, for in multiplayer, a fun way to just play around in freemode, or do gamemodes like hide and seek, zombie mode, or tagger. We can also have fun. Have drift challenges, jump challenges, and so on with friends!

If you like any og these ideas, let me know in the comments, have a idea not listen here? Let me know too! A new game needs to have the community help for DLC's. And these are just examples i would love to have ingame, and i know others will too!


  • DestimDestim Member New Car Smell
    Outbreak, this gamemode probably racked up hundreds of hours in dirt 3 (ps3)
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  • redriot77redriot77 Member Unleaded
    Gymkhana, AE86, InitialD. Camaro and Z4. And playground, zombie mode.
    Electronic Arts has something in the works for you. It will even have some cool police chases too...
  • LVJ02LVJ02 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    I'll say it for the last time this game needs the "Access all areas" dlc from dirt 2 it will make multi-player more fun in the long run. All vehicles on every discipline would be fun to race the Jackson pro trucks and cross karts down the long rally generated stages and rallycross cars on landrush circuits and so forth I've already expressed what I would like to have put into game "Access all areas" codemaster make it happen will really open up the game. And a couple more rallycross circuits battersea being one of them.  Add the trophy trucks & buggys from dirt 2 aswell along with the Morocco circuits
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  • breyzippbreyzipp Member New Car Smell
    more rallycross tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hockeytown1926hockeytown1926 Member Wheel Nut
    I'd love too take them WRX Supercars on the rally stages :P The Foucs RS RX is a thing of beauty haha!
  • Sho846Sho846 Member Wheel Nut
    Sardegna and New Zealand :)

    That's all I want.
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  • ShodanCatShodanCat Member Pit Crew
    I just want more rally stages. Just about any location would be cool with me, although I'd love to see something a bit different, like maybe some super narrow stages in Poland or some mixed surface locations.
  • PinowrcPinowrc Member Unleaded
    More Rally locations please !!! I miss Monte, Finland and Greece. Great addition would be New Zealand, Sanremo, Ireland, Cypres, and more...
  • SirDriftalotsSirDriftalots Member Wheel Nut
    ShodanCat said:
    I just want more rally stages. Just about any location would be cool with me, although I'd love to see something a bit different, like maybe some super narrow stages in Poland or some mixed surface locations.
    Definitely. One of my favourite CMcRRally stages was in Wales I think, with mixed surfaces. You'd start on wet Tarmac and end up blitzing through mud tracks and forests at certain points. I also remember being able to change tyre types for more or less grip on one surface or the other and had to make a choice where you would want the extra pace to attack the stage. Good times.
  • revodragon101revodragon101 Member New Car Smell
    Rally cross like the Japan and London tracks from  DiRT 2 and more Landrush maybe "your stage" version of both and the longer tracks like morocco and Utah tracks from DiRT 2 ....I loved DIRT 2. 4 has the potential to beat it just need more head to head racing those tracks are so much fun! 
  • PLASTIKMAN66PLASTIKMAN66 Member New Car Smell
    More Rallycross tracks would be nice. Not enough atm imo.

  • blux96blux96 Member New Car Smell

    I would reaaally like to see Outbreak in Dirt 4. It was so much fun back in the old Dirt 3 times.. so dear Producers.. please bring it back !

  • LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
    More locations for the rally would be great!
    And with a greater variety of corners for each and the existing locations.

    Maybe some old classic cars like the already mentioned Celica.
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  • joepineapplesjoepineapples Member Pit Crew
    Landrush tracks ported from D2, or more Landrush tracks at any rate

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  • DarraghLynchDarraghLynch Member Unleaded
    edited June 2017
    Unfortunately, toyota cars cant be licensed for codemasters due to a dispute between them :(
  • Antoni1985Antoni1985 Member New Car Smell
    The track generator is really good for corsica stages. So that could be a good dlc location. And some mix stages. Old lombard/network Q rally stages. With gravel/mud/asphalt.  Kenya location. Group S cars. Some more group A cars, like the audi 200/opel kadett group A.Ford sierra 4x4 group a.... That would be the coollest thing ever..

  • boganibogani Member Champion
    Unfortunately, toyota cars cant be licensed for codemasters due to a dispute between them :(
    Speculation or inside knowledge?
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