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DiRT 4 Road Book – 26/05/17 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT 4 Road Book – 26/05/17 | Codemasters Blog

Hello, and welcome to another DiRT 4 Road Book! It’s been an absolutely crazy few weeks at head office, but OH MY GOSH are we excited for the next couple of weeks. There are only two weeks until DiRT 4 is released globally. Two weeks!

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  • Charly777888Charly777888 Member New Car Smell
    After playing many hours.... here are my impressions of DIRT 4.
    The positive or good of the game:
    1) 12 SS per event / rally in free mode. If we put all the stages in maximum we arrive
    almost to the 160/180 km by rally! Fantastic.
    2) The end of each stage does not end unreal and abruptly as DIRT RALLY... so but we are
    driving a few meters more to the marshal and stop, fantastic also, much more real.
    3) 60/90 competitors divided into two classes in career mode !! Great !! We finally run
    two or three different classes at the same time.
    And here this point has two bad things... the first that in free mode only runs one
    class (30 competitors) and there is no championship of constructors (brands)...

    Negative or bad game.
    1) 5 Locations... is unacceptable. Simple as that. And the first day of playing and I'm
    bored, are very identical, a shame what they have given us .... Codemaseter already
    had the map of: Monte Carlo, Germany, Finland and Greece!!! It cost nothing to do one
    more and we had 10 locations... Really the worst thing away from the game of DIRT RALLY 4
    almost that you have to consider buying it or not because the stages for more than this
    the "your stage "After a few days they become very monotonous and similar environments...
    also it is incredible that in DIRT RALLY there were 6 locations and here they give us 5..
    Incredible that a new game has less than the previous one instead of giving us more
    locations! Disastrous Codemaster decision.
    2) The only one rally of asphalt (Spain) the routes are hyper monotones, all routes
    double hand... no narrow routes nor monaco style or san remo... none of that, very
    ugly the environment of tarragona.
    3) Again they make the same mistake again in DIRT RALLY... and it's like the times
    show !!!! Where they saw the boys of codemaster the times in rally asi:
    148: 25,478 (That translated would be: 2h 28m 25s 478/1000......) horrible,
    frightening way to show the times ... something never seen in the WRC since they created
    the races in general... neither in rally nor anywhere are shown like this...
    And what is worse... in this DIRT 4... There is no difference with the first and the
    previous !!!!!!! Incredible !!!! Unacceptable! We have to take calculating by hand
    To know the difference from time there is between us and the first and us and the
    previous and the last one driver that goes behind ours... very bad...
    The conclusion both me and 5 friends that we were fanatics of DIRT RALLY despite being a
    big lie that few realized, DIRT RALLY had only 2 stages per location ... that were
    running in reverse and in small sections of those same Stages ... making us believe that
    there were 12SS for Rally.
    With that in the end never again as much as I and my 5 friends are going back to buy a
    game more of Codemaster.
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