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I've been ignored long enough.

mrcool998mrcool998 Member New Car Smell
On the first week of April, Codemasters had a livestream for their official F1 2013 league at spa. I was part of this livestream and they were having a competition on twitter and the winners would recieve DLC codes for F1 2013.
 I ended up winning this competition and recieved this DM on twitter: http://prntscr.com/3jih52
I waited 2 WHOLE WEEKS!
I never got my codes that I legitamately won and I had to address the situation in their livestream for the Brazil race in their league. They PM'd me on twitch apologising and offering extras if I sent them my mailing address.
This is the conversation I had about the situation through twitch: 

If you pay attention to the dates these messages were sent, you can see that they were from last month. I made sure to censor the first code I got which was for the actual game instead of DLC so I felt like saving you guys the $60 and never used the code. But the two DLC codes I recieved were invalid and that was the last I ever heard from you guys. I lost a lot of respect for you guys because of this. I love the F1 games but this is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I hope this will get some recognision and that justice will be served. I was extremely excited to try out the DLC content but I was greeted by extreme dissapointment.


  • Tommig1995Tommig1995 Member Pit Crew
    Ouch! I've seen stuff like that before, but not over 6 weeks! Hope you get your DLC!
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  • mrcool998mrcool998 Member New Car Smell
    Ouch! I've seen stuff like that before, but not over 6 weeks! Hope you get your DLC!
    I hope they atleast take note of my situation. :(
  • onetwothreeonetwothree Member Team Principal
    ^^^^This comment will get me banned

  • justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion
    Firstly Mr Cool that's not really that cool of you to be posting up a complaint when we hadn't heard from you after sending the last code over a few weeks ago, but I get that you are annoyed after you couldn't redeem the ones we had sent. I've just asked the digital team for another code for you and I'll PM it over for you on the forums once we've got it back from SCEA.

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