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World rallycross championship..... DIRT 4 League

JacobSWidenJacobSWiden Member New Car Smell
Hi guys! 
I have been wanting to make a dirt 4 rallycross leauge since it was realeased so know I am going to host one.
So, here are the rules


  • JacobSWidenJacobSWiden Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    The league is going to be on ps4 only.
    Every round is going to consist of 2 semifinals, one b-final and a a-final
    For the semifinals. What semifinal you drive in is going to be randomly selected. The top 4 Times in the semis are going to advance to the a-final. And the slowest Times' are going to drive in the b-final.
    In the a-final points are given out like this: 
    1st place, 8points
    2nd place, 7
    3rd place, 6
    4th place, 5
    in the b-final the points are going to be given out like this:
    1st place, 4pts
    2nd place, 3
    3rd place, 2
    4th place, 1
    To take part in the leauge. Just comment your psn and we Will contact you
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  • porqchopzporqchopz Member New Car Smell
    nights you're racing? and what times will the races begin?
  • JacobSWidenJacobSWiden Member New Car Smell
    We are going to race on saturdays at 7pm UK time
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