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Pro Tour Matchmaking?

My friend and I have been trying out Pro Tour and have discovered that the divisions and tiers do not matter when matchmaking. We first noticed this when both starting matchmaking around the same time, but not expecting to get match made together as I was in division 3 tier 4 and he was in division 3 tier 7. We thought it was funny, and from there on were always, on every attempt, able to get match made together.

This was somewhat understandable because maybe the developers set it up to expand the matchmaking to all tiers in your division if it wasn't finding anyone in your own tier. However, he advanced to division 2 while I was still in division 3. We match made and got put together almost immediately.

This is frustrating. For example, if you are in division 3, and get match made with someone a lot better than you in division 1, is that really fair? How do you know what division/tier people you are going up against? This also isn't fair because even if I get first in division 3, someone losing in division 1 would be getting more money anyway.

What's the point?


  • VoidhawkVoidhawk Member Unleaded
    The reason is simple. Not enough people are playing at the same time. Unless significantly more people play pro tour this issue will remain.
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