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F1 2016 and T500RS questions

cwLrcwLr Member New Car Smell
Hello guys
I have a PS4 with the T500rs and F1 2016. Until now i played F1 2012 on a PS3.
1. Is there a way to turn off the vibrations on full speed? I like the better FFB, specially for turning or enviromental feeback. But on the staights at full speed it vibrates too much. If i lower the vibration strength, it also lowers the Force Feedback Strength. There a 2 settings (Force Feedback and Vibration, but it seens that they are related so its actually only 1 setting). Is there something i can do to only lower the vibration strenght?
2. I there a way to set the flaschback forwarding/returning Key to the pedals (breake/accelerate) like in F1 2012 instead the gearshift levers L2/R2? I know i shouldnt use flashback, but... :)

Best regards

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