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Dirt 4 Realistic Traction

I really have an issue with your traction levels in your 'Realistic' setting. I played through a career and landrush on the dirt tracks  it was like I was racing on ice. I watch a lot of short course Lucas Oil Racing, and sure the first lap could be heavily watered down. But I'm watching the AI drive through corners with complete traction and no amount of throttle feathering can I keep up with the AI abilities of traction and throwing it sideways. And your front to back balancing of weight transfer as it pertains to 'being on a slight throttle' vs. ' coming completely off' the throttle' in corners on like the carts was ridiculous. If I turned in at all with no throttle and just tried to coast, the back end would kick out. I found 60% throttle was what was needed and I question completely the physics there because I live in New Mexico and have a suite of buggies and Jeeps that we go out with. I just sold my 5 year UTV buggy and I know what real physics and throttle in turns is like. Pro-2WD was a real issue, I upgraded to level C engine and had a hell of a time keeping it from spinning out, again like driving on ice while the AI seemed to have another set of physics/traction going on. 

Gamer mode brought this game back to enjoyable and I could up the AI level to get some competitive racing. That mode had too much traction, but a smidge off of that would be good for Realistic. Your AI and in/out moves and dives to the inside are spot on. This is what has always put you guys above Gran Tourismo and Forza lame perfect-line following. 

Dirt 2 - best game of all time. The traction vs throttle and weight transfer through corners could be pulled a bit to more realistic, but the game had such an unbelievable game play. 


  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina Member New Car Smell
    Codemasters make the best games, I don't think I have ever seen a single stutter in one of your racing games. I played Dirt Rally for four hours last Sunday on max settings 8x AA and did not see even the slightest hiccup or frame drop. With all the buggy **** I have purchased over the years I would just like to say thank you for putting out quality products that run very well.
    The silent 99%

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