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Hello, I own a freshly installed copy of DiRT 4 on the latest update, and I've been having a lot of issues. The game is unplayable for me. On a new save, it will work fine, I play the tutorial stage, but then at the end of the stage when it starts loading the next thing, it crashes to the desktop. When I re-open the game, it starts to load, and about a second or two after the "connecting to race net" box disappears, the game crashes. It happens every time. I have tried everything, I ran it as an administrator, I ran it in compatibility mode for windows 7, I launched steam in offline mode, I verified the game cache, I disabled steam cloud saving, I updated windows, steam, and my graphics drivers. After doing all that I decided to see if it was a problem with my save. I asked a friend if I could try his save file on my pc and it worked fine at first. I was able to get to the main menu and browse the main menu, change settings and everything, but it would still crash when I tried to load an event. My PC hardware well exceeds the minimum requirements, and are a little below the recommended requirements. I have a quad core intel i5 overclocked at 4.5ghz, a gtx 760 2gb, 12gb ram, and over 100gb free space.
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