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The World Of F1 Testing | Codemasters Blog

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imageThe World Of F1 Testing | Codemasters Blog

Last week was a very good week, as the brand new F1 cars hit the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for their first spin out on track this year. It wasn’t just the real-life cars that were being put through their paces, of course – you may have seen that we had some VIP playtesters visit Codies HQ to put their virtual counterparts to the test… but more on that later!

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  • FritsFrietdijkFritsFrietdijk Member New Car Smell
    Never ever listen to people like Aarava Tiametmarduk xmattyg about F1 and codie's because they get payed with offers and game's to test just to get us buying crapp.
    Its not weird they are not allowed to talk about the game of show us anything before it come's out. It's to steel your hard earned cash before they have to patch the mofo'r out of this.
    HOW ABOUT FIXING F1 2015 F1 2016's MULTIPLAYER wich costed me 100 euro.
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